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Saguaro SR-74 Shortwave Receiver

Saguaro SR-74 Shortwave Receiver
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Price: $749.00
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: SR-74
Manufacturer: DZKit
Average Rating: Not Rated

Available Options:
Raspberry Pi 4B:
External HDMI Interface:
Touch control cables:
Toolkit - necessary tools:
Wireless keyboard/mouse:
AC power cord, 6', with adapters:
Printed 72-page manual, color (B/W included in kit):


Explore the fun of shortwave listening, with a display that mimics the old slide-rule dials of yesteryear, but brought up-to-date with modern technology (or use the included CubicSDR software to get a traditional spectrum "waterfall"). No dial cords to string! No vacuum tubes! Saguaro can also be used by DIYers as a teaching/learning platform for experimenting with SDR's, Raspberry Pi's or really, anything you can imagine! The SR-74 is a full-featured shortwave (and higher) radio receiver. Since it uses an SDRPlay RSP1A internally, the RF specs match that of the RSP1A. See for details. Other SDRPlay products may also work if the mounting hole pattern and location of the USB connector match that of the RSP1A. You could also control other external SDR's from the Raspberry Pi if desired.

The kit houses a Raspberry Pi 4B (4GB or 8GB) and an SDRPlay RSP1A SDR, which covers 1kHz (VLF) to 2GHz (Microwaves). An SMA connector on the back panel can connect to any antenna(s) you want in that frequency range. Includes the Raspbian Linux OS image that includes SDR software provided by SDRPlay. Run Cubic SDR out of the box, or run our "Shortwave receiver emulator" software that makes it look and operate like the shortwave radios of yesteryear. The RSP1A is a 14 bit SDR, and the software supports AM, SSB, CW, FM and more.

The kit consists of:

  • High quality two-piece .063" sanded, chromated aluminum chassis, with captive nuts and standoffs, black painted top cover, silkscreened back panel, polycarbonate front panel overlay and screw-on rubber feet.
  • Pre-assembled cables and ready to cut/strip/tin wires (in the AC power supply and potentiometer and loudspeaker circuits)
  • Controller PC board (soldering required through-hole kit) with Atmel Mega 644P microprocessor that reads the tuning encoder, RFG and volume control pots and sends that data via the GPIO port to the Raspberry Pi for processing. Also includes CW keyer, with back panel controls for pitch, speed and volume.
  • High quality, 8 ohm, 4" permanent magnet loudspeaker
  • 1/4" headphone jack on the front panel (which quiets the speaker), with external speaker 1/8" stereo minijack on the back panel, always active 
  • Built-in transformer-operated AC power supply (100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz), double fused, with safety shield, and 12V DC input. Requires about 2A at 12V
  • Matrix Orbital HTT70A-IPS 1024x600 HDMI display with resistive touchscreen (touch feature enabled by addition of two cables, which are optional)
  • "Velvet-touch" 128 pulse-per-revolution optical encoder and milled aluminum black anodized tuning knob
  • RFG and AFG pots, with high quality plastic knurled knobs with indicator line and metal insert with two set-screws
  • On/off toggle switch
  • Mounting standoffs for DIYers to add other boards of their own creation
  • MicroSD memory card with Raspbian Linux and all necessary software (pre-configured - turn on the radio and Linux will load, then autostart the program. Exit to Linux if you want to run Cubic SDR or other software)
  • Solder (10' of Alpha 143090 Telecore Plus, No-Clean, Lead-free, .020 diameter"), more available in "Saguaro Accessories"
  • Optional RSP1A SDR (Optional because we know many already have one. If you want to use one you already have, no need to order it here). Includes 6" USB-B to USB-A cable to connect to the Raspberry Pi 4B.
  • Optional Raspberry Pi 4B with integral fan. Choose 4GB or 8GB model. (Optional because we know many already have one. If you want to use one you already have, no need to order it here). Fan included in kit.
  • Optional Touch control allows you to touch the display to change frequency and select features (this option consists of two cables, one to connect the display's touch output to the back panel, and an external 6" cable to connect to the Pi USB input)
  • Optional Secondary HDMI monitor interface. Cable connects RPi4B 2nd HDMI output to rear panel. Monitor not included.
  • Optional Toolkit - consists of  minijack nut driver, 0.050" and .062" allen wrenches, adjustable wrench, wire cutter/stripper, #1 and #2 Philips-head screwdrivers, flat-blade screwdriver and needle-nose pliers
  • Optional Wireless (2.4GHz) USB keyboard and mouse. (Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included)
  • Optional 6' power cord. Saguaro uses a standard IEC320 3-pin AC power connector, and the mating power cord is provided with 4 adapters for use in most countries. See "Additional Images" tab for pictures.
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Saguaro SR-74 Shortwave Receiver
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Saguaro SR-74 Shortwave Receiver
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Saguaro SR-74 Shortwave Receiver
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Saguaro SR-74 Shortwave Receiver
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Saguaro SR-74 Shortwave Receiver
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