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Sienna XL

Sienna XL
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Price: $2,000.00
Availability: Pre-Order
Model: SF105
Manufacturer: DZKit
Average Rating: Not Rated

Available Options:
250W PA (10W option required):
Front Panel Color:
Switch color:
Antenna tuner:
Voice synthesis module:
DVR, FM, Voice Recognition:
Notch Filter:
Noise Blanker:
2nd display:
AM and Full range BPFs:
2nd Rx support (license):
10MHz ext ref, 0.1ppm TCXO:

2018 update! Production quality beta units are now shipping to selected customers. Full customer shipments are expected by the end of the year.

Sienna XL is our top of the line 160-6M 0-250W Receiver/Transceiver kit. Full-color hi-res touch display and 2nd optional display acting as dual meters with touch! Simply tap the meter face to change scales. Three choices of front panel color scheme including a new blue panel. Also has voice recognition and pleasant sounding female response in a language of your choice (6 choices). Top-notch synthesizer provides excellent performance on transmit and receive. Built-in BHI DSP noise reduction module eliminates noise without making signals sound like they're under water. Optional notch filter, noise blanker, FM, AM and many choices of IF filters. Excellent stereo audio chain has very low distortion and high power, and is active on phones and speakers at the same time.

The base model is a receiver, and can be upgraded with a full-featured, 160-6M transmitter (10W or 250W). An internal antenna tuner is also an available option.

+/-0.1PPM TCXO, Full coverage receive bandpass filters & AM, FM, full duplex (T/R at the same time), cross-band/cross-mode operation, 9MHz and 455kHz IF Outputs for use with panadapters, transverter interface, two main antennas (SO-239), and one receive antenna (BNC). Also includes separate Tx/Rx band data, muting, antenna output and frequency tracking for secondary receiver. RS-232 port allows interface to PC (USB coming soon). Compatible with DX Lab Suite, Ham Radio Deluxe and SpectraVue. Upgradeable firmware.

Kit boards: IF Filters, Rear Panel/RF Preamps/DC power conditioning, Front Panel, motherboard, Antenna Tuner, 48-14V DC-DC converter, 250W Amp, LPFs

Assembled and tested boards: Controller, Synthesizer, Receiver, Receiver BPF, 30mW Transmitter, 10W amp, Notch Filter, Noise Blanker, Voice Synthesis, Voice Recognition, BHI DSP NR.

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Sienna XL
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